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High Quality

Kitchenware Packs

Comprehensive and affordable porcelain and stainless steel kitchenware sets, waiting for you when you arrive.

100% Money Back Guarantee

100% Money Back Guarantee

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Best Value in the UK

Only £39.99!


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Collect your Pack(s) closeby at the University of Birminghal Halls of Residence from the 20th of September onward


Enjoy Freshers Week!


Thomas Ngai

I had a long flight from Hong Kong to get to Uni so I didn’t bring much stuff with me and there definitely wasn’t space for frying pans. I got a Uni e-mail about KitchPack, it looked really good quality and convenient so I ordered. It really couldn’t have been simpler, I arrived, got my keys then picked up my KitchPack a 30 second walk from my room and got cooking. It’s good stuff too. I’ve been using the Wok and saucepans a few times daily too and they’re still in perfect condition, which is far better than I expected considering the low price and my big appetite.

- Thomas Ngai, 2nd year Law Student
Telma Almeida

As an international student, I was really excited to arrive in a new city but it was a bit intimidating when I didn’t know the local area or any of the shops. I also thought I wanted to spend the first few days socialising and meeting people rather than stuck in big queues in supermarkets, so I ordered a KitchPack! It was delivered to my flat about 30 minutes after I moved in so it was very easy and the KitchPack guys were really nice too. My annoying flatmates ended up using my KitchPack too so I’m making them all buy a KitchPack too next year!

- Telma Almeida, 1st year Management and Entrepreneurship Student
Allison Cooke

KitchPack approached us before Fresher’s Week last year and proposed our space as the pick-up location for pre-orders, as well selling their kitchenware sets on our site. We were impressed not only by their product, but also by their professionalism throughout the whole process.
Despite it being a new product for our store, they proceeded to sell out rapidly and over the following days we were approached by numerous customers asking if it was still possible to buy a KitchPack. We also found that we benefited from their presence in the store as customers coming to pick up pre-orders within the store made add-on purchases, while also helping establish the store as the first port of call for future purchases. We look forward to having them back in the store next year!


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